Professionals in Digital Print Technology


Cooperation with the polygraphic college in Steti

Cooperation with the polygraphic college and high school of packaging technology – in Štětí

Effetec s.r.o. is a purely Czech company engaged in the development and production of digital wide-format UV LED printers. It‘s strongest point is customization, i.e the development and construction of machines according to specific requirements of individual customers, which also probably best reflects the dynamics, flexibility and openness to new possibilities that is the characteristics of Effetec.



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Happy Easter!

To go and carol for beautiful handmade colorful easter eggs is a Czech tradition. We can’t do it this year, so at least we printed them!

Happy Easter!


We hope that you’re all well and surrounded by family, sunshine & flowers. May it give you joy and strength to go through this difficult times.


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View on the current economic crisis

My view on the current economic crisis and the one in 2009. Why support the economy now.


Surely there are suggestions, ideas and analyzes from many places and much more professional entities. I’ll try to prospect an unprofessional but practical view of the two different economic crises that I have experienced and, like many others, I’m experiencing now.



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IT | Effetec ha un nuovo rappresentante commerciale per la Germania.

Effetec ha un rappresentante di vendita per la Germania, vuole sfondare anche in questo paese e ne ha tutti i requisiti. Effetec oggi dispone di una stampante eccellente, una stampante digitale di largo formato LED UV EffeJet, che con la sua configurazione raggiunge non solo alta qualità di stampa, ma è anche veloce: 210 metri quadrati all’ora in configurazione standard. Un grande vantaggio è anche la possibilità di adattare la stampante per i singoli settori industriali e non solo nel signmaking.


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Effetec has a new sales representative for Germany.

Effetec has a sales representative for Germany, wants to break through in this country too and has all the requirements. Effetec today has an excellent printer, an EffeJet UV LED large format digital printer, which with its configuration not only achieves high print quality, but is also fast: 210 square meters per hour in standard configuration. A great advantage is also the possibility of adapting the printer for individual industrial sectors and not only in signmaking.


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Stampa lenticolare su stampanti LED UV EffeJet

Installazione della stampante LED UV EffeJet 2512 presso la ditta MARTINEK spol. s r. o – una soluzione di stampa personalizzata.


Effetec s.r. o., produttore di stampanti UV digitali di largo formato, ha recentemente fornito una stampante LED UV a MARTINEK spol. s r. o., che si concentra non solo sulla stampa comune, ma è una delle aziende specializzate nella stampa lenticolare.


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Soraya Paladin talk show con la nostra Eva Fortova

Eva Fořtová è assistente commerciale di Effetec s.r.o (produttore di stampanti digitali di largo formato), e non solo è in piena disposizione alla “base” dell’azienda con sede nella Repubblica Ceca e in Italia al distributore Adorni Distribuzioni s.r.l., ma soprattutto si prende cura dei clienti italiani della Effetec.





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Effetec the FGP newspaper

Effetec s.r.o., originally Czech manufacturer of large-area digital UV | LED printers, recently delivered to a Czech company based near Brno, specifically in the town of Tisnov, large-area digital LED printer EffeJet 2512, which printed on standard materials, but mainly specialises in lenticular printing intended not only for the Czech market but all around EU. For this purpose, the printer was purchased by MARTINEK spol. s.r.o.


You can read about lenticular printing and the installation of this printer in the October issue of NGP |


Who has not had the opportunity to read the article in this newspaper, so here on Effetec website it is available for you.



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Talk show with football player Vladimir Smicer

For the fourth time in a row, we gladly accepted an invitation from František Trkal’s Cycling Training in cooperation with KC Lanškroun, where a discussion and autograph session with an invited football international and the Champions League winner Vladimír Šmicer took place in Lanškroun in the LArt Multifunctional Cultural Center. The evening, which was beautifully moderated by the popular Czech sports commentator Jaromír Bosák, took place in a very pleasant atmosphere and the audience was definitely not bored, because Vladimír Šmicer is a great narrator and together with Jaromír Bosák managed to make all fans present laugh.



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IT | Porta la tua creatività a nuovi livelli

L’unica stampante digitale di largo formato che riesce a stampare i materiali fino a 150mm di spessore.


Voremmo presentare NUOVO VIDEO del nostro ultimo modello di stampate Flatbed digitale di largo formato UV LED – la EffeJet F3221 (3.2×2.1m) – il ponte posizionato sul lato più lungo insieme alla elettronica, teste di stampa e componenti di ultima generazione aumenta la velocità rispetto alle stampanti esistenti fino a 192 m2/ora – qualità produzione.


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New video of our latest printer EffeJet

Take Your Creativity to New Heights


The only wide-format UV flatbed that can print on 150mm thick material.


We would like to introduce the NEW VIDEO of our latest model of wide-format Flatbed UV LED printer the EffeJet F3221 (3.2 x 2.1m), where we place the bridge on the longer side and together with the new electronics, components and printheads we increase the speed of the existing printers upto 192m2/hour with production quality.


Productive UV flatbed range delivering high-quality output on  rigid and flexible media.


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Effetec visited FESPA Munich 2019

“Where colors become reality”


14.-17. May saw one of the world’s largest signmaking fairs. This year the exhibition was held in Munich, Germany. Over 700 exhibitors were divided into 6 halls. The latest products and technologies for screen printing, digital printing and printing on textiles have been presented. More than 20,000 visitors from a record 142 countries came to see the latest printing technologies.


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Siamo PRODUTTORI di stampanti UV di grande formato nella Repubblica Ceca, EUROPA.


STAMPANTE DIGITALE UV ECONOMICA A BASSO COSTO sotto 69.000 EUR con teste di stampa Ricoh Gen5 CMYKWh


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We are PRODUCERS and MANUFACTURERS of digital large format UV printers in Czech Republic, EUROPE.


ECONOMICALLY LOW COST DIGITAL UV PRINTER under 69 000EUR with Ricoh Gen5 print heads CMYKWh


The speed and quality are excellent and uses the complete potential of the printheads. We can print 2D prints, layering, double sided prints superfast.


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EffeJet F3221 (3.2 x 2.1m)

We would like to introduce the latest model of wide-format Flatbed UV printer the EffeJet F3221 (3.2 x 2.1m), where we place the bridge on the longer side and together with the new electronics, components and printheads we increase the speed of the existing printers by up to 30%. Material height that can be printed upto 150 mm.


Most often we use Konica Minolta 1024 i or Richo Gen 5 printheads.


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Effetec supports women’s road cycling

Effetec s.r.o. , as a manufacturer of large-format digital UV printers, is a proud supporter of female road cycling. We are glad to introduce you to one of the bikers, Markéta Hájková, a member of the Czech National Team who signed a professional contract with the UCI team in Italy and thus became one of the two Czechs who can boast by starting at the biggest races in the women’s road profi-peloton.


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Mostra del design italiano

Mostra dedicata all’attività creativa dei tre fratelli Castiglioni – Livio, Pier Giacomo e Achille – pionieri del design italiano

“Il design dei Castiglioni. Ricerca sperimentazione metodo”

Galleria Harry Bertoia ~ Pordenone ~ 26.01.2019 – 17.03.2019


Siamo sempre felici di poter vedere i risultati del lavoro delle nostre stampanti UV in pratica: tutti i panelli della mostra sono stati stampati dalle nostre macchine!


Noi della Effetec siamo oltremodo orgogliosi per aver potuto dare il nostro contributo a questo grande omaggio ai tre mostri sacri del design italiano!


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Muzeum exhibition – done by our end-user

The exhibition was devoted to the activities of the three brothers Castiglioni – Livio, Pier Giacomo and Achille – pioneers of Italian design.

“Il design de Castiglioni. Research experimentation method “


Galleria Harry Bertoia ~ Pordenone ~ 26.01.2019 – 17.03.2019


We are always happy to see the results of  printing works on our UV printers in practice: all the panels of this exhibition have been printed on our machines!


We at Effetec are extremely proud to be able to participate in this vision of great Italian design!


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Special offer ! 50L of ink with EffeJet UV printer

You work with colour all the time, so can you imagine a world without it?
No variety, no vitality, no joy. No thanks!


That’s why we love Holi, the Festival of Colour that explodes the month
of March into being. We want to saturate you with colour, sprinkling
you with large amounts of CMYKWh.


So, what better way than to give you 50 Liters of UV ink free with every printer you buy till March 2019? You know our true colours: a partner to you for all your wide-format digital print needs – EffeJet UV | LED printer.


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EffeJet, Customized Industrial Digital UV Printer 3.2 x 8.4m.

Recently, the EffeJet industrial digital UV printer has been put into operation and has an effective print area of ​​3200 mm x 8400 mm. These parameters for the print size are absolutely unprecedented compared to the possibilities of similar devices used in the printing industry. And that was also one of the main reasons why the customer’s chose our product.


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New staff in Effetec

We , producer of large format digital UV printers, would like to introduce to you new staff which started to work of position of sales representative, Eva Fortova She will support also our customer by communication and support in Italy market because of her language and life experience in Italy.


Eva as young was famous Czech road cycling rider and she was in Czech National Team and Italian and German proffesional Team.


After her sport career she studied in university in Brno Masarikovu university. She speaks and writes perfectly Italian, English language , she can communicate also in German.

She has experience from Italian company in same position and she lives in Italy.


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Effetec year 2018

We , producer of large format digital UV printers, we have great years of our development and introduce printing technologies to the customers. We can say and we can be proud of that we build the biggest UV printing flatbed in the World which have printing area 8,4 x 3,2 meter plus the accessories. We negotiated with many new companies and potential distributors and this make as stable for our company strategy.


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Giving day 2018

Christmas is a time for exchanging gifts, sharing food and spending time with family. But there are many who are less fortunate and less able to celebrate.


After a successful year at Effetec s.r.o, we have decided to support and have donated to “vanoce nadace”.


Vánoce pro všechny

Day of Signmaking in Brno 2018

Today we visited “Den Signmakingu“ which was in Orea hotel Voronez in Brno city in Czech Republic.



On Day of Signmaking you can follow three very interesting presentations, which is interesting for generally any company. In the middle of hall was competitions of the companies which stick the self adhesive foil onto the car and judge panel decide how well is done and 8 companies participated.




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Viscom Italy 2018 The Taste of communication

Viscom Italia takes place in Milan city and near to the beautiful natural landscapes of Lombardy.


Viscom Italia is perfect and targets the latest trends. The show is a good opportunity to work with Italian market, which is perfect place for design and advertisement.


Viscom is the most important exhibition for the Italian visual communication industry.


We visited as Effetec Viscom Italy. Because we have very strong market in Italy. From previous digital UV printers until the the latest model with new electronics on digital UV printer. We do also in Italian market special project of customizing printers and we have all different models with different sizes and with the opportunity of different height of material of the UV printer.


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Technologies, UV printer, Life, Sport in Effetec

This summer is one of the busiest in Effetec history, in Effetec we are building customised printers and it is a big successs. We are now building a  digital UV flatbed printer for metalic substrate 3.2 x 8.4meters , for food, for printing barcodes etct.Effetec also co-operates with schools in polygraphy and universties with many projects.


We have now moved to our own premises in April 2018, this allows us to build the customised printers plus have a demo room , store, CNC milling machines etc.


What you will also know Effetec as a company always supports sport, specially women road cycling.


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OPEN DAY VINK and Effetec

At Prague’s premises, Vink-Plasty organized an event titled “OPEN DAY VINK”.


It was attended by major manufacturers of materials and technologies for advertising, construction and industry.


Throughout the day, it was accompanied by presentations where each of the manufacturers presented standard materials, but also prepared news and innovations in their production line. On each stand, there were further technical recommendations and a closer look ateachmaterials.


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The best reference for our products is a satisfied customer

Interview with an Italian customer

Effetec is the only Czech manufacturer of large-format digital UV printers. It is a small, flexible company that was founded in 2012 by a group of young people dedicated to the business and trying to break through the strong competitive environment of the printing industry. The adjective “young” in this case certainly does not mean inexperience. Everybody has been working for more than 12 years to gather experience in the development and production of large-format digital UV printers and the marketing of product marketing.


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Lecture Effetec at Polygraphic High School

On 9.1.2018 a lecture was held by Effetec at the Polygraphic school in Olomouc.


Effetec was very much welcomed by the Deputy Head of School Mgr. Petr Skyva. The lecture was prepared for students of the first and second year of this school.


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Short Press Release – Signmaking Association

On 28 November 2017, the last meeting of Signmaking in Prague took place at the premises of one of the members of the HSW Association.
The meeting included a presentation on the outlook of the Material and Technical Base of Polygraphy by 2010, which was presented by Mr. Dr. Ing. Josef Opletal.
In addition, the Association’s activities in 2017, the Day of Signmeking in Bratislava, and the activity plan for 2018 were reviewed.

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Effetec and it‘s new partnership

In September this year, the High School of Polygraphic Studies in Olomouc established a close partnership with Effetec s.r.o. The main aim and purpose of this cooperation, which both parties have set, is to provide students with access to the practical activities they will encounter in the field after graduation, thus contributing to the improvement of their level of vocational training.


Effetec’s collaboration with Effetec opens up the Polygraphic High School students with the opportunity to look into the world of UV printing to gain further experience in practice. And as it turns out, all of this can be offered by Effetec.


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Talk show with biathlon representation with the support of Effetec

On Tuesday, 24th October, a talk show with members of the biathlon representation took place in the premises of the Lanškroun Chateau: the coach Ondřej Rybář and the biathlon sports person Ondrej Moravec.


This talk show was also supported Effetec, a manufacturer of large-format digital UV printers. At this festive social and sporting evening, you could see, among other things, prints from printers manufactured by Effetec


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Viscom Germany 2017

Another stop in the busy series of trade fairs, advertising and prints was Viscom Germany.


This German fair has been the most successful trade fair in visual communications in Europe for thirty years.


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Viscom Italy 2017

Exhibition Viscom Italy 2017 was also attended by Effetec s.r.o. The Italian market is one of the largest and most successful markets for Effetec.


Since Effetec has been established since 2012, it has countless products on the market – from the improvements of existing new electronics and new print heads, as well as the various Effetec models. Most recently, we have a large-format digital UV printer under the EffeJet brand, which has state-of-the-art features that meet the most demanding customer requirements.


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Signmaking Day 2017

10.10. 2017 Day of Signmaking in Bratislava was held in the very pleasant premises of the Refinery Gallery.


This “DEN SIGNMEKING” has been the eleventh year to learn new trends in the signage and printing market.


The conference program was also part of SIGNMAKING in Bratislava. Individual companies informed not only the professionals but public about signmaking new trends, development and issues.


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Effetec supports the biathlon talk show

On October 24, 2017 at 6 pm a gala evening will take place in the premises of the Lanškroun Chateau, where a talk show and autograph session will take place, with the director of the biathlon team, Ondrej Rybář, and the most successful biathlon athlete Ondřej Moravec.


The evening will be attended by Tomáš Lachman, sports commentator of Czech Television.
Entrance to the discussion is free of charge.


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C! PRINT Madrid Spain 2017

The visit at this trade fair was a very positive step for Effetec in terms of new business strategy. On C! Printed in Madrid we have met with very interesting business partners with whom we can enforce signmaking in this area of ​​the Iberian Peninsula, where our products have a big potential.



After a successful third year, C! Print Madrid returns to bring together all sectors in the visual communications market and new players from related markets such as decorators, architects, designers.



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Moving the printer to the customer

In this short article, we would like to bring you some insights into the production of the Effetec UV digital printer to the customer, its subsequent installation and putting the machine into operation.

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Day of Signmaking Bratislava 2017

The 11th annual presentation and educational event on the main trends and potential of advertising and print – “Den Signmaking Bratislava” will take place in the Bratislava Refinery Gallery. The event in the capital of Slovakia will take place on October 10th, from 10am to 5pm.


Effetec will be here
Of course, EffeTec s.r.o., which is a purely Czech company producing large-scale UV printers, can not miss the action. EffeTec s.r.o. We are a proud member of the Signmaking Association, which brings together a wide range of companies from the Signmaking Environment. For this important event, EffeTec s.r.o. has prepared a presentation with a focus on the company’s activities, which will include a sample of its own products. This presentation is intended not only for the customers of the company, but also for the wide professional public.

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Machine production at Effetec

In a brief example, we would like to show you the steps in development and manufacturing large-format digital UV printers at Effetec. Business activities that are necessary for the creation of a digital UV printer.


About company
Effetec, the only Czech manufacturer of UV digital printers. It is a small, flexible company able to respond quickly to customer needs such as timely service interventions and short delivery times for inks and spare parts.


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Effetec and customization of Printers

Czech companies Effetec and Metrie are very different at first glance. They are different by the range of products, the duration of them in the market and their target group.


But they share more than it may seem. Both companies are based in the Olomouc region, while their customers’ networks reach thousands of miles. Both companies are committed to tailoring customers’ wishes, expanding their supply, and caring for clients. They also have a careful approach to the production of their products.


What can come from the collaboration of a traditional company, one of the four largest manufacturers of folding wooden meters in Europe, and a young, dynamic company that, despite its short market presence, has a stable place?


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Effetec, a manufacturer of UV printers, supports SK Sigma Olomouc “U16”

One of the strategies of Effetec s.r.o. is the presentation of the company, the approach of its business strategy and products and the general public. One of the proven effective and beneficial activities is to support organizations active in the field of sport, especially regional ones.


That’s why we decided to build on our previous successful activities and our company’s presentation in this area. Among them, I would like to mention the support of the Czech Mix Team, women’s cycling, the individual support of the successful Jiřina Ščučková Czech Road Cycling Team, the support of the TJ Stren football players and the Lubenice small football team.


This time our choice fell into the area of ​​top sport, the football club SK Sigma Olomouc, to whom we have recently become partners. We are actively supporting the Sigma Junior Teams U 16 team, especially in the area of ​​hardware equipment.


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Effetec support minifootball Team SK Lubenice

Last time we introduce you that we support local football team. In this time we will introduce you local minifootball Team SK Lubenice.


SK Lubenice
Team Lubenice play the mini football  competitions in region Olomouc from the year 2012. They have two teams “A” Team and “B” Team. The current president of the club is Petr Tarkowski


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Effetec supporting local sport – local football team

We as Effetec supporting local sport – local football team – TJ Stren. We generally support sport. We thinking that sport and culture has to be supported. And why local football, because in local country side football are sport-socially-culture action and almost all people enjoy the these games. And small things can bring big changes and they are basis of the pyramid and make the pyramid strong and stable. And we also have this policy as a company to make printer and customer strong and stable.





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Effetec visits the exihibition FESPA 2017

Fespa 2017 – Hamburkg / Germany
At Fespa 2017, we met our potential customers for our UV printers. We had important meeting with our partners and suppliers and all big players in this business.


To visit Fespa 2017 was really very positive and big success. We met many very important people and close all important and interesting deals. And in the last we have very lovely talk with former CEO of Konica Minolta Japan Mr. Ohno. So thanx Fespa thank you to all and see you soon with our products or in next year Fespa 2018 in Berlin.


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Effetec in news paper for Graphic industry in Reklama Polygraf 2017

You could see the Effetec company in news paper for Graphic industry in Reklama Polygraf 2017


In the news paper you can see all important players for the technology and materials for production of advertisement, sign making, printing. POP / POS etc. In the central Europe specially in Czech and Slovak Republic.

We promoted on this news paper our company Effetec and our last UV printer EffeJet.

For more information about our products you can contact us at


Effetec – We are professionals in digital printing – We understand your needs



Effetec visits the exhibition “REKLAMA POLYGRAF“2017

We met our customers and potential customers for UV printers from Central Europe, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We had important meetings with our partners and suppliers.


Trade Fair – Reklama Polygraf
Is the biggest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, with long tradition. In 2017 was 24th edition of this trade fair. The exibition focusing on technology and materials for production of advertisement, sign making, printing. POP / POS, promotional gifts and associated services. Regular participation of leading Czech and foreign companies, producers and suppliers. Prestigious meeting point for professionals from advertising industry. The event is intended for visitors from advertising agencies, producers, clients etc.Trade fair annually presents the latest news and trends. Contracting-selling Fair




Interview with sales manager from Effetec – producer of UV printers

Sales manager mrs. Donna Ivy Frantik from Effetec – producer of UV printers


We wold like to introduce you an person Donna Ivy Frantik (born Aranha) from India , Mumbai. She is a great mother of two children, wife , but she is also an amazing sales manager and also owner of two companies in Czech Republic.
We make the interview with her about her life and special company.


1, Donna, you are from Idia, what are you doing in Czech Republic specially in Olomouc?

Ohh was so young 😉 I come almost 12 years ago, in this time I was living in Kuwait, because my family was living in this country and I was working as sales manager in cosmetic branch Yvesaintlaurent. I come to Czech Republic, because my partner (today husband ) was from Czech Republic and I come to Czech to Olomouc with him.


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Effetec at Remadays Warsawa Poland

Effetec – producer of UV printer, visit Remadays Warsawa Poland

We met our potential customers for our UV printers. Poland is a very interesting market with similar mentality like Czech and a big and emerging market for us to sell our products UV printer –

Effetec producer of UV printer, offers you Global program

Effetec producer of UV printer, offers Global program


This program offers you the opportunity to recover value on your existing equipment with a minimum effort. If you own one or several of the products such as Manta, Manta white, Manta slim, Manta slim white, Octopus II, Gemini relevant for this program then  you may Trade-In your old equipment for any of the new existing model from Effetec –





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Effetec producer of UV printer, have social site – face book , twitter…

Effetec producer of UV printer, have on facebook , twitter, instagram and linkedin.
In these social site you can find also not just official news from developing, production of UV
printer and all oficial information of Effetec a producer of digital flatbed UV printer.

But also unofficial news about our steps as producer of UV printer and where you can see our logo of Effetec which propagate as  development, production and sales factory of UV printer. You can see our lives , travelling, entertainment, work, who we support and what you can imagine.



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New product range 3D printers sold by Effetec

We as ‚‘Effetec“ even after developing and producing quite a few wide format digital UV printers around the world cannot deny that nowadays 3D printing has seen its way in various aspects of our life and is making a big difference! Sometimes you just can’t help feeling amazed at your own creative and ultra-practical works that have been inspired by 3D printing.
So we have added to our product line, the new 3D printer range. Now you can choose from 9 models of 3D printers. Let me summarise the key features of the 3 bestsellers– 3D printers we offer.


MeCreator 2


the new desktop 3D printer with half-opened and box-type design and 160x160x160mm building volume. It is optimized bringing 3D printer MeCreator 2 with more exciting features.
1. Safe, stable and space-efficient
2. High-performance control board
3. Excellent MK8 extruder
4. Higher transmission accuracy of Z-axis
5. Better adherence with heat bed
6. Various filaments supported
7. Supporting various 3D printer software
8. Supporting stand-alone printing with SD card
9. Built-in LED light
10. A wide range of application
11. Save you from trouble of assembly


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December is a time for GIVING! – 10% off on all orders !

December is a time for GIVING! – 10% off on all orders !

The holiday season is here & with it comes that warm,
fluffy feeling of goodwill to all.

We do our best to spread the love & that’s why in December we’re
converting 10% off on all orders !

But that’s not all – Printers ordered till end of year 2016 will have 10% discount plus 50L of ink supply free!

Just type in the code “MYGIFT” in te subject of the email of your order.

Leaflet of new UV digital flatbet printer Effejet F2132/F2116

UV digital flatbet printer Effejet F2132/F2116


Capable of printing the highest quality digitally fine print to fast production materials on the market, the Effejet is quite simply the best UV flatbed printer available, which is why we are proud to offer its capabilities as standard to all of our customers.


The Effejet has flatbed printing capabilities up to 3.2 m × 2.1 m width and depth of 100 mm and can print directly on rigid, heavy and odd-shaped materials, as well as materials with a structural surface such as wood, metal, cartons, cardboard, glass, ceramic, carpet and more, generally without any need for pretreatment of any kind. The UV CURABLE inks are durable and suitable for interior or exterior use, and the state-of-the-art colour management system combined with an extended colour configuration (CMYKlclmWhite and Varnish) and


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Effetec – producer of UV printer …New year, new vision, new strength, new ideals.

…New year, new vision, new strength, new ideals.
I would describe Effetec as a relatively young, dynamic company. Since its inception, it gradually shaped up the way to conquer and strengthen its position on the market. After years full of changes, particularly in the personnel sphere, it seems that the strategy is already clearly set out. And how? Let’s start with a brief introduction of the company gradually, its current owner.
Where did we come from?


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