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Digital Customised UV printer 3.2 x 8.4m

Digital printing etching becomes a reality for customer with a Effetec UV printer 3.2 x 8.4m


Big machines have always been the advantages of Effetec, UV printer manufacturer, the company has independent research and development, and printer can be customized according to customer demand for various models of machines, you just need professional, and cooperation is so simple.

Recently, a Effetec customer ordered a Effejet model UV flatbed printer. The effective printing area of the machine is 3200mm*8400mm and prints only one color. This print size is unprecedented in the entire UV printing equipment industry. The reason why the customer requested this equipment is because of their product size. Specially, the conventional 2513 and 3221 models could not meet their requirements, so they needed the printer to be customized.


The customer in Italy who was doing the metal printing . The reason for change was low quality print with reliability issues and the former technology is also more susceptible to wear over time and the speed was too low so two other technology printers were needed to complete the production quota.    

The customer’s demand were very high. Many uv printer factory representatives visited the factory. The result was that the dimensions were not met. Later they contacted us at Effetec. They learned that Effetec could customize the machine according to their demand. The customer was very satisfied with the printing. After the sample print they saw the effect and details of cooperation, the customer signed the ordering contract with satisfaction.


Now the customer is printing the last 10 months with an Effejet UV digital printer, and is satisfied with the high resolution quality, speed and reliability even though three shifts printing is done on the printer. With just one Effejet printer, the former production quota is fulfilled in 1/3 of the time as former technology and still more orders can be taken to fill in the capacity of the printer.


Effetec conventional model UV flatbed printers are: 2513, 2030, 3221,2116 etc. If your product is suitable for conventional models, we have the current machine and you can order at any time, but if your product needs to be different The dimensions,software then we can customize according to your needs, design, development, assembly, commissioning and delivery. Finally, after successfull installation, the customised client business is booming, and we also look forward to having a pleasant cooperation with you.


Video Digital Customised 3.2 x 8.4m: Effetec UV printer 3.2 x 8.4m 


Video Effetec standart model UV flatbed printers are:3221: EffeJet UV Printer 3221