Professionals in Digital Print Technology
  • USB2.0 hi-speed mode interface
  • up to 24MiB/s data transfer speed
  • variable print resolution (integer encoder divider)
  • support up to 12 printheads
  • driver supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits)
  • application type uni/bi-directional scanning
  • ink level control - up to 10 colours
  • pressure control - up to 3 different pressure levels


Special solutions in accordance with the demanding requirements
and needs of the end-user for special applications.
For example printing on:
  • Metal cans 
  • Sectioned garage doors
  • Teflon pans
  • Promotional items
  • etc.


Print Engines

If you are looking for a complete or part of a digital printing system, Effetec has a range of electronic /inkjet / software solutions ready for your application, which can be adapted to your specific requirements. Effetec digital printing systems range from smaller test and prototyping machines through to high industrial production line printers. We also develops bespoke printing systems for highly specialised applications, based around our special module technology.




Modular inkjet print engines with flexible configuration

Effe inkjet print engines provide OEM and machine building customers with a robust production inkjet module that forms the heart of any digital printing system.




Flexible and modular print engine design

We also offer optional UV pinning lamps integrated with the print engine for optimum print quality when using UV curable inks.

Effe print engine is supplied as a module comprising printhead alignment units, printheads and all necessary drive electronics and power supplies to run the print engine from a PC, with optional pinning lamps available for UV inks and additional alignment units like ink supply color system, construction design of carriage/ needed sections of the printer through Solid edge CAD works available for reduced system downtime.