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EffeJet – high quality UV Curable Flatbed Printer

Simply the best in display graphics. Most printers can only do one or two things really well, but the EffeJet does it all and more.

Grab attention with high quality flatbed UV printer. No more trade-offs between image quality and speed. EffeJet imaging technology produces superb image detail, smooth color transitions and vivid, uniform solid colors for closely-viewed signage and POP materials. Amazing results with an UV inkjet printer whatever the media or application.


Profit for money makers with versatile UV flatbed printer.


Technical Specifications:

Type: EffeJet F1612 EffeJet F2116 EffeJet F2512 EffeJet F2516 EffeJet F3221
Print size (mm): 1600 x 1250 2100 x 1600 2500 x 1250 2500 x 1600 3200 x 2100
Print height (mm): 150
Machine size (mm): 3700 x 2350 4200 x 2700 4600 x 2350 4600 x 2700 5300 x 3200
Machine height (mm): 1450
Table height (mm): 900
Printing technology: UV digital inkjet printing
UV curing technology: UV Mercury, UV LED
Printheads: Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kyocera
Optical resolution (dpi): 720 x 1440
Colors: CMYK, Lc, Lm, W, V, Spot
Ink type: UV ink Effetec
Operating system: Debian
Data preparation: Caldera GrandRIP
Print speed (m2/h): up to 200

Build your profit margins producing specialty items that no one has tried before.