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Upgrade your printer to KM1024 for affordable prices

You can upgrade your existing UV printer to new generation Konica Minolta print heads for just a small price, without making any effort from your side. Now we offer to customers who already own machine Manta, Manta White, Manta Slim, Manta Slim White, Octopus II, Gemini or Shark, the option to upgrade an existing machine. The most important fact concerning the upgrade is using new generation print heads from Konica Minolta.




Doubled productivity, higher print sharpness

These print heads are characterized by twice the number of nozzles (1,024 nozzles instead of the original 512 or more number of nozzles than Xaar 1001), which gives higher resolution, sharpness and print overall quality. At the same time, these print heads have larger print width (72 mm).




Installation and Training

We pre-inspect the printer, install the upgrade and carry out free of charge maintenance on the printer, training for the operator and also include CALDERA GRANDrip solution.




CALDERA GRAND rip solution

The Caldera rip offers you possibilities to nest crop and vast options to RIP images with different formats and sizes in a quick way, which was not possible yet with the old RIP program.




White option

Now you are able to have White without losing speed and also possibility to upgrade on OctopusII which was not possible until now.




Varnish/Clear/Lacque option

We are able to do Spot, Partial, decorative and protective varnish. This not only elongates the life of the print itself but also, gives it additional feature for special effect creativity.




You can upgrade to the following models

4x KM1024 CMYK

5x KM1024 CMYK + W/V

8x KM1024 2xCMYK

9x KM1024 2xCMYK + W/V

10x KM1024 2xCMYK + WV or 2xCMYK + 2xW/V

12x KM1024 2xCMYK + 2xWV or 2xCMYK + 4xW/V