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Effetec Advertising and marketing

This year, Effetec collaborated with college student Petr Srajer. The cooperation took place in the form of a presentation on the topic of Advertising as a promotional tool.



As the topic of his Bachelor Thesis was Advertising as a Business Promotion Tool, he addressed Effetec, who warmly agreed to mediate his final bachelor work. The form of cooperation took place through a lecture given to the owners of the company.



The presentation was conducted in the form of training for company owners. Not only did the owners repeat the basic concepts, such as advertising and management, but also get ideas and opportunities to improve Effetec.



During the presentation, he talked about the possibilities of advertising and marketing applicable to Effetec. The lecture was followed by a discussion of the topic. Feedback took place at the headquarters of the company three months later. The lecture was a mutual enrichment that benefited both sides. Although Effetec is a purely Czech company in Europe, which they produce UV digital inkjet printers, it is the most traded abroad, and thanks to this lecture impulses have been sent to companies that have shown a new direction, targeting the Czech and Slovak markets. This lecture was beneficial not only to Effetec, but also to a lecturer who was acquainted with new information about foreign trade.




This lecture was very beneficial because nowadays advertising is almost everywhere. Whether we find it on the street, on the radio, television, billboards, public transport, on the Internet. Every company wants to be seen, and thanks to advertising, the company grows and has new customers.



However, Effetec is specifically concerned with the construction of large-format digital UV printers, which then produce the advertising.



Author: Barbora Čecháková