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Cooperation with the polygraphic college in Steti

Cooperation with the polygraphic college and high school of packaging technology – in Štětí

Effetec s.r.o. is a purely Czech company engaged in the development and production of digital wide-format UV LED printers. It‘s strongest point is customization, i.e the development and construction of machines according to specific requirements of individual customers, which also probably best reflects the dynamics, flexibility and openness to new possibilities that is the characteristics of Effetec.



It is no wonder, then, that one of the cornerstones of Effetec’s philosophy is also to link development, production, practice and study. “As members of the Signmaking association, we are close to and our goal is to work with schools that participate in the education of students directly for our field and practically form young people, which are then transferred to companies such as ours,” confirms one of the owners of Effetec. , Mr. Michal Frantík. Cooperation with the “home” Secondary Polygraphic School in Olomouc is thus more than easy, but the activities of Effetec do not end there. It also cooperates with Masaryk University in Brno and, last but not least, with the Higher Vocational School of Packaging Technology and the Secondary School in Štětí.


And it is with this connection that they are extremely satisfied at Effetec. It was created by a happy coincidence – Xerox Czech Republic was looking for a wide-format digital UV printer to supplement the technology package, with which it participated in the tender for the supply of technology to the aforementioned high school and high school Štětí. Thanks to a satisfied joint customer, the choice fell on Effetec and their machine, which was then delivered to Štětí together with other equipment and as follows from Michal Frantík’s words, Effetec greatly appreciates this cooperation: practical teaching and students really have a chance not only to learn how all the necessary technologies work, but also to learn to control and use them in practice. I think that mainly thanks to the principal and his modern vision and flexible approach, students are satisfied at school, they are interested, they enjoy learning and working on various projects and it can be said that they enter the working life really prepared. What I would also like to emphasize is that educators and teachers of practical disciplines, whether we are talking about graphics or print, etc., are very well prepared and really mastered all technologies and can work with them. The result is very high quality work and projects. I think this is an exact example of how, in our opinion, education should work – a wonderful example where a school, with its style of connecting theory and practical teaching (with the help of the region, state and other institutions, of course) shows students how such a company actually works in practice. “


And this is how the school principal PhDr. Jiří Konvalinka: “The cooperation with Effetec was started in tenders for suppliers of new technologies in the field of printing. Our school underwent a fundamental reconstruction last year, which included the acquisition of completely new equipment, which, I dare say, has no competition in education in the Czech Republic in this area. The school now has professional machines in the field of printing, such as packaging construction, etc. One of the companies that supplied its equipment within the European project was the company Effetec. The machine delivered to the school completely complied with our requirements, it can even be stated that it exceeded them in many respects. From the first moment, it is used 100% and allows us to implement new, ever better products, which are part of both graduate projects of students and graphic and design activities of the school.

However, what we perhaps evaluate even more positively is the personal approach of the company’s owners to their customers. Cooperation on the basis of training or regular service takes place without any problems. I am a supporter that the link between its supplier and the customer is often more important than the technology used. The feeling that the company is able to help you, consult any problem, look for common solutions. And that is why we consider the cooperation with Effetec to be very above average. ”


The co-owner of the Effetec company, Michal Frantík, looks just as positively: “We really like how they can connect theory with practice in Štětí. I think the vision of the school principal, PhDr.Konvalinky, it is completely right and we enthusiastically support it, because we are convinced that this is how modern education should look like. Even on a personal level, wehave to praise the negotiations with the director and his teachers. I have to say that we really like going to Štětí very much. ”

Perhaps the best proof of the absolute uniqueness of this school from the point of view of the functional connection of teaching and practice is how coronavirus measures work in Štětí even in this complicated time. PhDr. Konvalinka says: “We are a school and therefore we do not teach, however, the additional activity, whether in terms of design, metalworking, woodworking or printing work, continues to work. In some areas, contracts are worse, and many have fallen because of this current situation. However, we are constantly at work with a small team and we try to work regularly. Perhaps just a little interesting – we used CO2 lasers for the mass production of nanofiber filters into respirators, which we then provide free of charge with the components to the first line rescue system, which takes care of their further distribution. “

And this is just one of the many re sons why Effetec s.r.o. proud of the co-operation with an institution in Czech educational waters as exceptional as the VOŠ packaging technology and the Secondary School in Štětí.