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Effetec and it‘s new partnership

In September this year, the High School of Polygraphic Studies in Olomouc established a close partnership with Effetec s.r.o. The main aim and purpose of this cooperation, which both parties have set, is to provide students with access to the practical activities they will encounter in the field after graduation, thus contributing to the improvement of their level of vocational training.


Effetec’s collaboration with Effetec opens up the Polygraphic High School students with the opportunity to look into the world of UV printing to gain further experience in practice. And as it turns out, all of this can be offered by Effetec.


Effetec s.r.o. Olomouc is a small, but prosperous, purely Czech company, only in this field of activity in the Czech Republic. However, the relatively young team has long-time experience in producing large-format digital UV printers and developing their own EffePrint software and printers. It‘s employees are real professionals in the field, which we have actually convinced ourselves.


The students of the school were able to learn and work with graphic programs to learn how to work with ripping programs (such as Caldera), special software designed by Effetec and EffeJet digital large-format UV printer itself and SimpleJet UV. Students could see how the company experimented with a layer layout that creates a 3D image when printing. In practice, they were shown a model of machine customization options, namely, adjusting and customizing the machine exactly according to customer requirements, one of the main trends in company philosophy.


   During the course, students were also introduced to the possibilities of the latest UV series of printers that Effetec launched on the market. Specifically, this is a series called EffeJet. The machines of this series excel with the high quality of printing and other advantages that users most often require from the machine.


The printers of this line can be seen both in flatbed and roll-to-roll versions and EffeJet Hybrid. This printing machine is suitable not only for signmaking, but also for printing in industry. In addition to its versatility, the machine excels with a combination of low cost and favorable prices, keeping the paramer of high quality printing.


   It is no coincidence that Effetec is a member of the Signmaking Association and therefore the students could also look under the cover of the production of advertising companies. The company regularly stays on important international events where it is possible to see the development trends of leading companies operating in the printing industry. Effetec’s management has therefore decided to allow selected graduates to gain a chance to take part in such events.


   Effetec is essentially globally responsible, requiring all employees to continually improve their foreign language skills. We have convinced ourselves about this fact several times during our work.


   So all this can offer students a practical experience. And what more? Perhaps only the whole stay at the company took place in a very friendly and friendly environment.


  It would not be a question if one form of vocational training had grown into a longer-lasting and intensified collaboration with the firm. Beginning, for example, through thematic lectures organized by Effetec at selected schools. Here, we also need to mention Effetec’s cooperation with the Sigmund School, based in Lutin. Students from this school, among others, use it as part of their training. Even this cooperation can be enriched in the future. After all, young people, even without experience but full of creative thinking, invention and desire to experiment, could be a benefit and a new inspirational potential for the company as well.


    “And what is our view? After several days of experience at Effetec, we met with many new things in the field of printing and UV printing that will be of benefit to us in our next studio. The professional and at the same time friendly approach by Effetec employees, their efforts and motivation was very inspiring for us. Now we know that it is not enough to be happy to be good, but to be the best in everything we do. That’s just how our other work will make sense. “


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Author: Barbora Čecháková & Markéta Majerová copy Milan Opravil


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