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Effetec meet Czech Trade

we as Effetec had meeting with the representative from CzechTrade for Middle and South America where we already have customers with our product, digital large format UV LED printers, but we want to have strong market there in the future too.

Effetec also participates in export conference CzechTrade focused on Latin American markets which organized CzechIvest with Czech Trade.
We already long time have connection to this area in the world and we are happy for this success because the mentality of people and companies in this world are to us very close because behind business, we have there also very close friendship.

Michal Frantik says „ I all the time like to travel to those areas and countries in Latin America. I have always great feeling from business and relationship with the people there. And as sport person, I was happy I visit in same period Olympic games in Brazil or football league in those countries, was very nice atmosphere. And the wine is so tasty too. So why not to be there“….