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Effetec producer of UV printer, have social site – face book , twitter…

Effetec producer of UV printer, have on facebook , twitter, instagram and linkedin.
In these social site you can find also not just official news from developing, production of UV
printer and all oficial information of Effetec a producer of digital flatbed UV printer.

But also unofficial news about our steps as producer of UV printer and where you can see our logo of Effetec which propagate as  development, production and sales factory of UV printer. You can see our lives , travelling, entertainment, work, who we support and what you can imagine.





Because we are open main company with open idea and we are all the time for you. Welcome to Effetec , welcome to our product – uv printers, service, consultation, spare parts, ink.

I have to remind you also our new goals 3D printer and our new web site for eshop for Effetec , where you can find also 3D printers, parts, service filament etc.

Effetec 3D printer is also on faceebok and instagram where you can follow our product, but also print from 3D printer, look at videos, photos. You can also see there what is new in the market of 3Dprinters , what is new? new glow in the dark filament? ect.


In Youtube you can see our last product digital UV printer EffeJet F2132
in Vimeo you can find all of the rest of our product UV printer, upgrade your UV printer for new version of Konica Minolta.

Welcome to Effetec , welcome to our product, welcome to our team of