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Effetec support sport

We Effetec, we are very famous that we supprot sport generaly and specifically cycling. We think that sport make sense for all people around the world. Make calm minds, makes the frendship and make more healthy life.

So, we supported now two cyclo-cross races in our region. One of those was the Olomouc Region Championship in cyclocross, which was also part of the Oderský Cup – Force Kolarna 2021. This was more for to region athletes and from children to born earlier althletes with or without license from federation, the race was for all.

Then next race was TOI TOI cup, which is Czech cup. This race for specially focused again for young people, but from all over the Czech Republic, where 220 young athletes took part. Of course, in the end there was a race for both women and men categories. Everything went well. It was raced in the town of Náměšť na Hané, where you have a beautiful castle, castle ruins and beautiful nature.

All representatives of the region took part in the race as spectators, and we are proud that our company could have been there.