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Effetec with Olomouc companies

We went to meet with companies from Olomouc region by MNC My Networking Club Czech Republic at a breakfast meeting. We met important companies from all business fields.

We all the time we always place great emphasis on connecting people and companies, not only in our field and in the world, but also in our region. Thanks to MY Network club, everything is possible. We are very happy for this meeting. Our company is in the Olomouc region between the regional city of Olomouc and Prostějov in Čelechovice na Hané. Not only the Czech Republic, but also our region is characterized by great potential in the field of various technologies in our case in the field of development, production, and sales of large-area UV LED printers. After all, we have 5 large-scale digital UV printers manufactured by Effetec in our area.

On the contrary, the most interesting destinations in the world with which we trade are Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, Lebanon in Europe, for example Italy, Denmark, and others.