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Effetec year 2018

We , producer of large format digital UV printers, we have great years of our development and introduce printing technologies to the customers. We can say and we can be proud of that we build the biggest UV printing flatbed in the World which have printing area 8,4 x 3,2 meter plus the accessories. We negotiated with many new companies and potential distributors and this make as stable for our company strategy.


Also we do a great job in CNC milling machine , so this way have also a lot of success.


We do also very professional and good job in servicing UV printers and support customer with the spare parts.


So we really can say, that year 2018 was a lovely year with lots of success.


So we decided to make our workers happy and we took them to a very nice hotel in the “heart“ of Jesenik mountains and the Jesenik city.

We have a lot of fun and  on Saturday we walkedk in the gorgeus snowy landscape in very hilly terrain, which really tested our unity.

In the end ,we had a lot of pain in the legs but a lot of smile and joy and in the in the evening swimmimg pool and sauna were waiting for us.

The end of the year was amazing for the company and we all enjoyed it altogether, We are Effetec Team.

Thanx to all.