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Interview with sales manager from Effetec – producer of UV printers

Sales manager mrs. Donna Ivy Frantik from Effetec – producer of UV printers


We wold like to introduce you an person Donna Ivy Frantik (born Aranha) from India , Mumbai. She is a great mother of two children, wife , but she is also an amazing sales manager and also owner of two companies in Czech Republic.
We make the interview with her about her life and special company.


1, Donna, you are from Idia, what are you doing in Czech Republic specially in Olomouc?

Ohh was so young 😉 I come almost 12 years ago, in this time I was living in Kuwait, because my family was living in this country and I was working as sales manager in cosmetic branch Yvesaintlaurent. I come to Czech Republic, because my partner (today husband ) was from Czech Republic and I come to Czech to Olomouc with him.



2, How you like Czech Republic and Olomouc?

I remember this time, was something different for me from Kuwait. I remember I was first one week in Prague and Prague is such a lovely and beautiful city. After that we moved to Olomouc, it was a big change, you can see much more country side, but Olomouc is also such a nice city, as historical as Prague, with many parks, greenery and peaceful. Now I am in Olomouc long time, I speak a little bit czech, I have my family and children here, business is here, so is my home now, so yes , I am happy here.


3, You are working in printing business, with big UV printers, is more a man’s world, or not?

First of all, I am by blood a sales person and I love my job, my mother is also sales manager in Kuwait, so it is in my family blood to be in sales and if you have this in the blood, then is does not matter what you sell if cosmetics, aeroplane or UV printer. You have to believe your people, your product as printer, you have to know very well you product and then you have to know also competitors well technically and most important , you have to be honest to your customer.


4, How you come to this business?

Also long long time ago, I started with today not existing company Grapo Technologies. In this time we know the owner, by the way they are very nice people. We agreed to give it a try and I started working. The beginning was little bit hard, because in this time I just speak English and in Olomouc the people were more conservative and not everyone speak English , then I have to learn a lot , but in the end i was successful and I was in the sales team of Grapo. My first exhibition in signmaking business of UV printer was at Prague “Reklama Polygraf“ it was so exciting and also the team of Grapo accepted me well into the team.
Then I started my career in Grapo. Was a nice time and I really enjoyed it . To see how the UV printer is produced, the people how develop the printer, customer, distributors, all was perfect.


5, Today you work in your own company, what is different?

The circumstances were such that we had to start our own company. Is some time very hard, because you just do not do sales, but you also take care of storage, accounting, driving the company, workers, strategy, finances and this is very difficult and take up more of your time and before I used to work 10 hours daily, but this days you have to work even more and some time with headache and also for a small company is not easy, but like I say in the beginning, if you do something with your heart in it and you believe and you are honest, then you can be also successful. And in the end, is also our company, so you have also potential to make the company more successful and bigger or how you wish and this is nice. Some time you are free to make your own decision for good of the company.


6, What about the product?

You know, how I say, if you are small company, then also developing by your own is not too fast than you are big international company with many people and everything need to be done with a deadline. But on another hand , we have great staff and we do great jobs , we stay together as time and we support each other. So we are more close to the customer and we can react quicker for solutions. Also we have to do more jobs, in the beginning we do the upgrades of old printer to new technologies, we do also this day some time, we sales second hand printers, do service for many printers, sales spare parts, UV INK and now we have our new latest product EffeJet F2132 with roll to roll option we can be really proud and I am also proud for our people how they make. The printer have all modern latest technology elements what UV printer needs. But of course, we have to do not sleep and continue our dream and vision and first what market and customer need.


7, Behind the job of sales director , you are also part of the owner of different company which is more industrial Cettec company and also we see that you also selling 3D printrs, can you tell us something about this?

Ohh yes, to have 3D printers was dream of our partner Lukas, he likes it and 2 years ago we discussed about developing 3D printer for industry. These days we are selling hobby 3D printers and we  think is nice product which go hand in hand with our product line and business strategy and the hobby one, take different range of market and other than that we like it.

About the Cettec technology, yes is more machining industry. We have there CNC Hass machine. Actually my plan in this year and go to make just this chain of business but situation bring me back to printing business back. For sure this business is stable and nice and we will go continue to make this business more strong. But on another hand, we have plan for the future to make from two companies one strong company, so let see how it goes.


8, So you make business around the world, what is your goal now?

Like we say, to make our product better continuously and to make our company stable to we all feel comfortable. But we also know, if you do something and you do business, you have to all the time go forward, not stop. So good product and stable company is first. Then to take care of our customer which we have and to contact new ones. Of course I like more country where is hot, so I hope we will have good sales in those countries 🙂 but you know, I respect a lot also different country, each one have different mentality and strategy of the business and this makes me also interested to be there on right time on right place 😉 So I hope our customers are all the time happy and satisfied and also we sell a lot.


9, You are from India and your family lives in Kuwait, what about those markets?

Yes , India, is my country and we cooperate in the beginning with a company from India, but is not yet our market. In middle east we have the business and we are all the time happy there.


10, Did you go some time go to India?

Long time I was not in India, my family visit me and to make business there, my mother more take care and I hope some one can have our latest product of UV printer and about India… is my country and I am proud of that.

Thank you for interview and good luck.