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Effetec has a new sales representative for Germany.

Effetec has a sales representative for Germany, wants to break through in this country too and has all the requirements. Effetec today has an excellent printer, an EffeJet UV LED large format digital printer, which with its configuration not only achieves high print quality, but is also fast: 210 square meters per hour in standard configuration. A great advantage is also the possibility of adapting the printer for individual industrial sectors and not only in signmaking.


The company, which trades in many countries around the world, today expands its team to include German sales representative Petr Korbel. After Eva Fořtová, representative for Italy, Petr also enters the Effetec family.


“We have historically good ties to Germany: in addition to the quality and stability of the printer we are able to compete with the best and we dare to say that the latest model of the UV LED large format digital printer EffeJet can easily be successful on the German market” , says Michal Frantík, CEO of Effetec. “In addition, Petr has extensive experience abroad having spent many years working in the embassies of the Czech Republic and has now lived for a long time with his family in Germany. This means that he is an expert in business, speaks several languages ​​and, moreover, Germany is now his home.


We believe that the combination of Effetec and Peter will be excellent.”



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