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Viscom Italy 2017

Exhibition Viscom Italy 2017 was also attended by Effetec s.r.o. The Italian market is one of the largest and most successful markets for Effetec.


Since Effetec has been established since 2012, it has countless products on the market – from the improvements of existing new electronics and new print heads, as well as the various Effetec models. Most recently, we have a large-format digital UV printer under the EffeJet brand, which has state-of-the-art features that meet the most demanding customer requirements.



At this trade fair, we met with existing customers, but also with new customers who have shown interest in our products.


At this trade fair, we have witnessed a positive evaluation with the likelihood of installing other printing machines / Effetec’s large digital UV printer.


Viscom City Live, the most creative metropolis in the world

Viscom City Live was a new show that revived the city of a three-day event that was a real opportunity to showcase the finest products, materials and countless solutions with new technologies.


Bars, shops, showcases, streets, palaces, parks, bus shelters, and many other “living sets” where the most original applications and adaptation to different environments have emerged.


An exhibition area of ​​400 square meters was transformed into a state-of-the-art city, where inscriptions, prints of furniture and fabrics, and many other materials, promotional items, embroidered T-shirts, barcodemarkings, digital signage, screen printing products, other interesting demonstrations from Signmaking.


Whoever attended this event saw the ideas of designers, architects and much more where we could get to know all the business potential of today’s visual communication!


And Effetec also belongs to this market.



(photo from expo)