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We visited our customer which has our UV printer Effejet F2132/R2R

We discuss with the customer what we can do as new future upgrade in sw. We do and adviced him how to do colour profile for specific materials.
Then we print…





Then we print on the UV printer Effejet some printing jobs on roll to roll specifically the  face tones.

Then we print on UV printer EffeJet on trasparent plexi glass with post white colour and double sided printing of Chef

Next printed was the gold image on pvc material. One of the motive was nice  picture which was printed in excellent quality on our UV printer.

The one of the last prints was printing the skin tones, where we can show the quality of UV printing on printer where we look for soften and smooth textures and there is great saturation of red, blue and purple colours .
On the UV printer EffeJet we dont just print uni directional but also bidi directional.

Then we check all modern functions which our UV printer EffeJet have and customer need. All was working perfectly and with good results.
Good results was not just because of UV printer EffeJet with roll to roll, but also helps the quality of the printing material from Vink company and the great quality of photos from Navara photographer.